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Updating your SCP:SL server

You will be notified via the SCP:SL discord server when a game update is released, or you can check to see when a new game update is released. You will need to update your server manually when a new game update has been released. You will need to head on over to your settings, and then reinstall the server.

The reinstall process will take a couple of minutes, and will update all of your game files without removing or deleting anything. Although the panel may warn of potential deletions, for SCP:SL servers, the installation process does not actually delete any files. This method is completely safe and is the only way to automatically update SCP:SL.

In the event that your server has not updated after the steps above, go to the Startup then type "public" in the Special Branch as shown below, then reinstall the server again.

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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