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Finalizing the SCP:SL server verification is the official partner of Northwood Studios, and as such, all our deployed SCP:SL game servers (Except for those who have a dedicated IP Address) come as auto-verified.

This means that all you have to do to appear on the official SCP:SL server list is the steps below. Please follow the steps carefully.

Your server must follow all of the stipulations set forth by Northwood Studios in the "Verified Server Rules" (VSR) document to retain the verified status.

Navigate to your configuration file. This is located at .config/SCP Secret Laboratory/configs/**YOURPORTNUMBER**/config_gameplay.txt.

You will need to change the following config values: "server_name: server name", "serverinfo_pastebin_id: link" and "contact_email: email"

The server name is gonna be your server name as it appears on the browser. This name supports basic HTML markdown tags. Follow this guide.

Go to and create a new paste. This document will be accessible to players in-game, offering information about your SCP:SL server.

Make sure the pastebin is set to "public" and to "never expire". Add the pastebin ID to your link from step 2. The pastebin ID looks like xJ8Kk0A8.

The last value is your email. This email is the email address Northwood Studio staff will contact you at if needed. Make sure it's a working email.

Now, save the file and restart your server. Your server should now be on the official SCP:SL server list. If you need any help, contact our support.

_Note: If you purchased a dedicated IP for your server, once you complete Step 7, your server will still not be on the server list. You will need to email Northwood ( and ask them to verify your server.
Note that NW will have more strict requirements for verifying your server manually, such as requiring you to list your server rules in the pastebin you created in step 4._

Please note: Northwood Studios and Terabit reserve the right to remove your server from the public list at any time without prior notice, should your server be found in violation of any stipulations mentioned in the VSR document. It is the responsibility of each server owner to ensure compliance with the VSR, including adherence to any newly added rules or guidelines. Terabit will not assist in circumventing or bypassing the removal of your server from the public list for any reason. Repeated misuse of our services to host auto-verified servers that violate the VSR in a malicious manner may lead to the termination of some or all services you have with us, and could result in a future ban from using our services.

Updated on: 03/04/2024

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