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Installing and configuring Exiled plugins

Plugins are powerful tools that assist with tasks such as administration tools, gameplay modifications, entertainment, and various utilities.

To install these plugins, visit the Exiled Plugin Framework Discord to explore the range of currently supported and community-made plugins.

Almost all plugins will have a dedicated GitHub page for the project, similar to the one below. Follow this project to know about updates, etc.

To download the plugin, click on 'Releases' located on the right-hand side of the page. This action will direct you to a page similar to the following:

This page displays the project's release history. The newest and most up-to-date plugin version available will always be listed first at the top of the page.

Some plugins will provide you with a DLL file (the name of the file will end with ".dll"). Other plugins, like the one above, provide a ".tar.gz" archive instead, which contains the plugin .dll file, as well as any necessary dependencies the plugin requires to run. For .tar.gz archives, the install process is the same, with the exception of one additional step:

Download the plugin files from the Github page and save the downloaded file to your computer.

Add the file to your plugins folder. If it is a .tar.gz file, click the three dots and select "unarchive".

Developers who include an archive typically organize the files within the .tar.gz in such a way that extracting it directly in your plugin folder is the only step required.

Start your server (or restart if it's running) and the plugin should generate it's default config value.

You can configure the plugin by going to this folder: .config/EXILED/Configs (select your port number)

If the plugin is not generating a config file, it may mean that it is broken. Contact the developer for support.

If you encounter any red error messages, reading the error message usually indicates the nature and location of the issue. However, if you cannot determine the cause on your own, please contact the plugin's developer or use the community support channel(s) in the EXILED Plugin Framework Discord. Although we may offer limited insight into why certain plugins may not be functioning correctly, we do not provide general support for plugin-related issues, including changes to configuration files.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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