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Troubleshooting your SCP:SL server

In this article, we will cover the most common issues SCP:SL server owners face and how to resolve them. This article will be updated with frequently asked questions and issues that we encounter through our discord, livechat and ticket system. Please feel free to suggest new content for this article via our Discord.

My server isn't on the server list?

Have you verified your server? Getting your server listed involves several steps, and you can find more information about this process here. If that's not the issue, ensure your server is set to be publicly visible; this could involve incorrect verification settings or configuration issues. If problems persist, please contact our team.

My server crashes, or it doesn't start?

Ensure that both your plugins and server are up-to-date. Verify the accuracy of your configuration, as incorrect settings could cause crashes. Review error messages in both your server console and LocalAdmin log files (located in .config/SCP Secret Laboratory/LocalAdminLogs/PORT/), which are typically marked with '[ERROR]' or 'exception.' If problems persist, please contact our team.

Ensure you are logged into your account on WHMCS before submitting a ticket or contacting live chat, whenever possible. This enables us to provide faster assistance.

How do I know what to config?

Most plugins have a Github page, or a documentation / readme file. If you can't find it, request support on the authors discord or the Exiled Discord which you can find right here.

My problem isn't on this list?

If your issue isn't mentioned in this list, consider seeking support in the Exiled Discord or contacting our team directly. Please note that we do not offer support for plugin-related issues.

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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