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IP Transit

We can provide IP transit to your cabinet in the same facility or within the same metro region. We do not include cross connections in our pricing.

Fee Schedule for Internet Transit

100Mbps on 1Gbps: $75/month

250Mbps on 1Gbps: $100/month

500Mbps on 1Gbps: $145/month

Burstable Ports - 10Gbps

1Gbps on 10Gbps: $200/month

Additional Gbps on 10Gbps: +$100/month/Gbps flat

Burstable Ports - 40Gbps

1Gbps on 40Gbps: $350/month

Additional Gbps on 40Gbps: +$175/month/Gbps flat

Burstable Ports - 100Gbps

10Gbps on 100Gbps: $1750/month

Additional Gbps on 100Gbps: +$175/month/Gbps flat

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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